In 2017, Moldtech moved to Oslo, Norway, supplying this European country with tilting tables for closing panels. In a place as cold as this Norwegian region, the concrete curing process usually takes longer, especially in the winter season. This increases the possibility of damage when lifting the precast panel horizontally, and also requires manually hiding the marks of the lifting mechanisms on the surface of the precast panel.


Equipment supplied:

  • Tilting table of 16×4.5 m (52.4×14.7 ft) with automatic vibration and heating.
  • Set of frames with magnetic fixation for wood formwork.


The vibration system eliminates the air when compacting the concrete, and increases its resistance after the curing process. In addition, it makes it possible to handle concrete with less moisture, thus accelerating the curing process and increasing productivity at the same time.

Finally, the heating system consists of several hot water pipes located under the table and covered by an insulating canvas, which also speeds up curing and increases productivity.

Working with leading companies increases our prestige and encourages us to continue with our objective of becoming a world reference in the precast concrete sector.