Moldtech was selected to participate in a project related to the Mombasa ring road in Kenya.

This Project included the construction of motorway bridges using Aastho IV and Aastho VI pre-casted and post-tensioned girders. The Aasho IV girders have a length of approximately 30 meters and weigh around 48 tons whereas the Aastho VI come in a length of approximately 40 meters and a weight of 81 tons. Supplied equipment:

PRODUCTS TO PRECAST: AASHTO type post-tensioned bridge girders.

Apart from the Aastho girders moulds,  the client also requested so-called plank moulds which fabricate pre-stressed hollow core deck slabs:

  • Special universal casting bed with a total length of 130 m.
  • 8 hinged “plank”-type mould sides with height of 60 cm and a length of 14.7 meters.
  • The stressing head with a capacity of 435 tons.

PRODUCTS TO PRECAST: hollow core deck slabs.