Moulds for 3D Bathroom units – PBU

Designed for the modular construction of 3D bathrooms.

This mould system allows the manufacture of 3D prefabricated concrete bathroom units in one piece including floor and walls. PBUs are cast in an inverted position to cast monolithic elements with a good finish and easy concreting. Once cured, the units are turned 180º to be finished and transported to the construction site. The concrete pieces will have a floor slab and walls that will allow all the necessary sanitary installations to be embedded in the concrete, as well as the pre-installation of wiring and electrical accessories.

The mould will be designed according to the specific dimensions and requirements provided by the client. The mould incorporates a hydraulic system to help with the initial demoulding of the prefabricated part. This system is based on a set of hydraulic cylinders at the base of the mould to push the concrete piece up. The outer sides are removable using a Dywidag bar and nut system, which allows the outer mould to be easily opened and removed by crane in a very short time. The inner mould is manufactured with minimal conicities that allow demoulding.