Tables system for twin walls

For the manufacturing of twin panels.

The double table has 2 sides of 14×3,5m: one which can be flipped over 180º and one with up to 80º tilting. The table has a hydraulic system for flipping over and tilting the finished element. It also has centring positioners which regulate the distance between the 2 surfaces once one has been flipped over 180º. First one wall is casted and, once the concrete is set, it is flipped over 180º and positioned on top of the other to cast the 2nd wall on the second table which has been previously poured with concrete.

Some retaining bars are fastened on top of the finished first wall to lock it safely to flip it 180º. The centring bars can be regulated in height to modify the distance between walls.

This system was originally designed for making double walls which are 2 concrete panels normally of up to 7cm each connected by a lattice. This wall would be placed as a basement wall filling the space between the panels at site with concrete and thereby obtaining a very thick and solid concrete wall.