Stationary tables

For the manufacturing of concrete floor slabs and pre-slabs.

Fixed tables specially designed and built to produce concrete floor slabs and pre-slabs.

The reinforced pre-slabs with short span are usually used like lost formwork between bridge girders, for the construction of viaducts.

The use of pre-stressed pre-slab with medium span are more common in residential or industrial buildings, in combination with lightweight and isolation elements.

Moldtech manufactures and supplies fixed tables with or without pre-stressing capacity to allow the precasters to deal with all type of projects based in pre-slabs.

The fixed tables are normally equipped with a fixed side and a collapsible. These tables can be manufactured in accordance to the maximum width required by the client and the casting dimensions can be adjusted by using different shuttering options.

Fixed tables can also feature vibration system and heating system for a better concrete finishing and an accelerated concrete hardening.