2 February 2022
Civil work

It´s about a mould with which they manufacture precast concrete dividing pieces, commonly used in the agricultural industry for the separation of cereal.

Also add that, in this specific case, this mold is requested by the client to produce pieces in an inverted position, which will be used in irrigation canals.

  • The mold has a fixed side and a folding side.
  • The latter has ribs to reinforce the piece in the working position and, furthermore, allows the piece to be removed more easily.
  • The size of the resulting piece will be 2.5 meters in Length x 2.9m in Height and 1.50m in basic width.
  • To make the mold more versatile, Moldtech includes the option of including a bottom that regulates the height in order to achieve a smaller piece.
  • We must emphasize that due to the use of self-compacting concrete, this mold has been supplied with absolute tightness.
  • The mold was supplied with a discharge plan, to avoid setbacks, and an assembly manual.