Moldtech delivers several self-stressing systems to produce pre-stressed panels, 4 adjustable staircase moulds and other ancillary equipment for low-rise residential construction projects.

Principal equipment supplied:

  • 2 units – self-stressing stationary table of 150 meters length and width of 2,40 meters with 1 fixed side shutter of 10 cm height and 1 movable mechanically fixed shutter of 10 cm height. Length of the shutters – 150 meters. Electric vibration system.
  • 2 units – passive stressing heads resisting 110 MT.
  • 4 units – adjustable staircase mould for 15 steps including electric vibration.

Ancillary equipment including:

  • 2 units – Giraffe vehicle sirves for transporting and pouring concrete. 4 m3 hopper including extender plate, cover plates and hydraulic shutter.
  • Cleaning machine. It also has a strand cutter incorporated. The machine brushes the table surface and has a pneumatic system for the automatic removal of dirt from the table surface. The cleaning system consisting of rotating rollers, brush, and scraper.
  • Transport machine. It is multifunctional as it can apply the release agent, transport the formwork and launch the prestressing strands.
  • Rolling machine. It rolls out and unfold the tarp on the casted elements for improved curing. This machine is operated hanging form a bridge crane. The tarp has max width of 3 meters and a specific weight of 0.650 kg/m2.

These 3 machines can operate independently on each of the 2 stationary tables thereby optimizing the cycle times of each table.


Escalera prefabricada
Molde de escalera flexible
Moldes de escalera
Panel prefabricado
Mesas fijas
Mesa fija
Mesa fija
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