19 July 2022

Moldtech supplied equipment for the production of prestressed beams in Georgia.

The installation and commissioning of a casting bed with 600-ton prestressing heads and modular sides for the production of prestressed Delta beams up to 24 meters in length for one of the most important construction groups in Georgia has recently been successfully completed.

Our new client is one of the biggest manufacturers of construction materials with European standards, as well as prefabricated concrete elements. The high quality of the products manufactured by this company is one of its hallmarks, achieved through a strict quality control process, as well as a careful selection of equipment suppliers for the manufacture of the elements. The close collaboration between the companies of its construction group, equipment manufacturer and manufacturer of prefabricated concrete, allows them to produce high-quality innovative materials, complying with the highest European standards and offering proposals with added value to their customers.

The equipment supplied by MOLDTECH includes a 75-meter-long casting bed that allows the production of beams with a base of up to 80 cm. The tensioning head system has relaxation cylinders and the corresponding tensioning equipment, for strands up to 16 mm in diameter. This system will allow our client to start developing the market for industrial and logistics buildings in the region of Tbilisi, Georgia.

In addition, together with the universal track, MOLDTECH has supplied a modular set of laterals for the manufacture of Delta beams up to 24 meters in length. These sides are equipped with an electric vibration system and the corresponding heating system designed and customized according to the customer’s production request.