Our client located in the northeast of Romania is building a new precast plant for infrastructure construction projects development with Moldtech equipment.

  • The universal casting bed provides the base on which different precast elements can be casted using moulds which are placed alongside the bed. The 2 baseplates have a length of 125 meters with adjustable width size up to 200 mm. 1.000 mm usable width approximately considering that the lateral sides of the moulds are placed on both sides of the casting bed. The moulds are attached to the baseplate and fixed using a fast-locking system with adjustable width size. Adjustment of the width of the beam to be produced by moving the sides of the mould on the base to obtain the desired width. Plate thickness: 8 mm.
  • 2 units of prestressing anchorage system have a total prestressed capacity of 1400 tons each one.  These stressing installations require civil works and are embedded in a pit with concrete foundations whose design is provided by Moldtech. These pre-stressing systems are comprised of a passive stressing head and an active stressing head with a set of slackening cylinders. Serve for relaxing cable tension as a safety device for manipulating the cables without risk after the concrete piece is finished.
  • Tensioning and detensioning equipment. The cable tensioning process is carried out by means of a machine called a tensioning jack or tensioning press. The loosening process is carried out by means of a hydraulic unit that allows the high-load cylinders to actuate to separate the mobile mask and extract the seat collars.
  • Strand pushing machine.
  • 3 sets of modular mould for I-bridge beams, max length – 40 meters, max height – 2,1 meters. Each set features air vibration system and heating system. These lateral moulds have manual opening/closing and they are prepared for being placed on the casting bed support structures. The mould also has upper fast-locking system to ensure maximum stiffness.
  • Modular mould for industrial I beam of the total length – 25 meters. Maximum height – 1,6 meters.
  • Modular mould for rectangular beam of the total length – 6 meters.
  • Pouring bucket of 3 m3 capacity. This machine is designed for the transport and pouring of concrete. This concrete bucket can be used by crane bridge or forklift. It has its own power supply by means of batteries and hydraulic opening of the discharge gate by remote control.


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