Moldtech recently delivered a complete set of moulds in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland, for a company dedicated to the construction of architectural facades of great complexity and very high quality of finish, with important works in Geneva.

After long meetings with the client, our technical team decided on manual opening moulds with a very high level of interior finish. This set of moulds and fixed tables supplied cover the entire range of parts to be manufactured. The client uses a very high-tech type of concrete that incorporates fibers to replace the typical steel reinforcements, which has forced us to be extremely careful in the internal quality control of the moulds and of the surfaces in contact with the concrete.

The correct selection of materials to produce this equipment was one of the keys to this project, which added to an almost artisan polishing of the surfaces in contact with the fiber reinforced concrete using polishing discs allowed us to generate a mirror-like finish that is reflected in the high surface quality of the concrete pieces.

Our philosophy is to be able to carry out both large-scale projects, such as complete factories, and personalized projects with a very high quality of finish, where part of the work is still “artisan”. These unique projects transform us into “bespoke tailors” and provide very special solutions of which we are proud.