Moldtech concludes the supplied and commissioning of a mould for Prefabricated Bathroom Units PBU and a turning machine 180º in Hong Kong.

  • Mould for Prefabricated Bathroom Units with hydraulic system that allows shrinking the core and remove the finished PBU in a record time. It allows producing at least one piece per day with the best structural properties.
  • Adjustable hydraulic 180º turning machine, which allows turning different sizes of PBU elements upside-down to leave them in the final installation position. Once turned, these PBU elements are pre-finished at a factory with finishes, electrical conduits and plumbing pipes, sanitary elements, ceiling, and fixtures, to be delivered to construction site completed up to a 90%.

All this equipment will allow our client to prefabricated bathroom units PBU in one monolithic piece with all walls and the floor slab.

This type of technology for 3d precast elements has already been successfully installed in quite a few countries in 4 continents. With this project Moldtech reaffirms its position as a global technology leader in three-dimensional prefabricated modular construction.