Moldtech carried out the design, manufacture and commissioning of a vertical battery mould for prefabricated panels in Israel.

  • Battery mould for prefabricated panels, with the capacity to manufacture up to five panels at the same time and the possibility to expand up to five additional panels. The dimensions range from a panel height of 1.20 m to 4 m, with a maximum panel length of 10 m. The thickness of the panels can range from 10 cm to 35 cm. The mould is equipped with a set of hydraulic cylinders to guarantee adequate tightening during filling. All is managed from a touch screen panel that controls the pressure of the cylinders through the installed analogue pressure switches. This control panel also allows the panels to be opened and closed by electric motors. In addition, a remote control was also supplied to perform the same opening and closing movements of the vertical panels of the mould.
  • The supply was completed with a concrete pouring bucket, with a maximum capacity of 2 cubic metres. The opening and closing mechanism of the gates is equipped with a battery system, which allows the controlled pouring of the concrete without the need to be connected to the electrical grid for its operation.

All this equipment will allow this Israeli company to manufacture a large quantity of precast concrete panels with a smooth finish on both sides and at the same time use a minimum of factory space.

From Moldtech we always seek to offer great versatility with our moulds and equipment. This is one of the main characteristics that our clients look for when selecting us as a partner for their projects.