30 April 2021
Civil work

Moldtech successfully completes another project for the supply of moulds for civil works.

SC PREBET AIUD, S.A, a private company whose facilities are located in Alba (Romania), specializes in the production and marketing of a wide range of precast reinforced concrete elements for the construction of roads, railways and building structures.

On this occasion, Moldtech was selected by this company for the design and manufacture of 4 moulds for the manufacture of underpasses with a maximum height of 3.2 meters to be built observing  the country’s norms and regulations.

Specifically, four sets of mould sides and eight bases have been supplied.

This equipment provides the client with a high production capacity of up to 12 pieces per day (19.2 linear meters).

In addition, Moldtech has designed this mold in such a way that the client can manufacture prefabricated elements of different heights as the equipment was designed in a modular way, thus offering a versatile solution capable of adapting to a wide variety of production requirements.

From Moldtech we always seek to offer great versatility with our molds and equipment, this is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that our clients look for when selecting us as a partner for their projects.