Moldtech delivered recently moulds for making drainage elements which can be used as mobile precast plants for the production of water evacuation channels in various West African countries.

Our client, which is a leading construction company operating in this geographic area, switched from “cast in place” to precast after an interchange of ideas with Moldtech engineers. This collaboration finally resulted in that a variety of products like drainage channels, New Jersey barriers, box culverts etc.. are now produced using precast thereby increasing quality standards and project timing.

This particular project involved a total of 80 drainage moulds , fixed tables for the production of the corresponding lids, 20 moulds for New Jersey barriers with a length of 2 meters as well as 2 Giraffe vehicles for the transport and pouring of the concrete.

Furthermore, the supply included auxiliary equipment like tools for the placement of the drainage elements at site, box culvert turning systems etc… Moldtech technicians also assisted the client at site for installation of the equipment and training of the local workforce.

The combination of Moldtech technical expertise with local input from the client was the key for attaining effective solutions adapted to the local circumstances.

This is has been a good example of how precast solutions can successfully be put into place even in areas where it is still in its inception stage. The combination of Moldtech product know-how with input about the local production circumstances has allowed our client to transform itself  from a traditional construction company into an innovative precaster.