Moldtech consolidates its presence in Australia. Providing a big quantity of modular moulds to produce box culverts of wide variety of sizes and ancillary equipment to Grafton.

  • 18 moulds allow wet casting box culverts of many different sections, from 1,2 m x 0,9 m to 2,4 m x 3 m with 2,4m height. These moulds have been specially designed with collapsible outer sides and a shrinking core mechanically operated by spindles, to allow demoulding the finished culverts without having to remove any of the mould panels, thus reducing the use of overhead cranes.
  • Hydraulic turners 90º, to turn the culverts from casting position to their final position for transport and installation.

With the production running at full capacity, the client produces a good quantity of culverts for the construction of a large number of underpasses for a big railway infrastructure project.