13 April 2022

One of our clients in Romania has trusted on us once again for a new project together. This time, this big construction company entrusted MOLDTECH the design, manufacture, and commissioning of a flexible mould for precast staircases. The client wants to cast many different types of stairs in the same mould, therefore we have designed a revolutionary system which allows producing staircases in an automated, fast and uncomplicated way.

The main features of this recently supplied flexible mould for staircases are the following:

  • The mould is designed to be casted in vertical position, which allows having the 2 sides of the stairs with a perfect finish.
  • Possibility of adjusting the number of steps from 8 to 16. Also, it is provided with upper and lower landing with a maximum length of 2 meters each. The maximum length of the stairs is 8,20 meters.
  • The rise of the steps could also be regulated between 15 and 20 cm, as well as the tread from 22 to 30 cm. These dimensions could be manually adjusted by spindles and changeable phenolic boards.
  • Regulation of the width of the stairs through a telescopic system with maximum width of the stairs of 1,85 meters.
  • The staircases thickness could be from 12 cm to maximum 25 cm.
  • Opening/closing movements and electric vibration system controlled from a single hydraulic unit.
  • Nylon inserts installed on the mould for the most optimal lateral sliding. This system will avoid future problems.
  • Gangway platform on both sides of the mould.

One of the biggest advantages of this adjustable mould is that different models of staircases can be made with the same mould, saving time and money, as well as being easy to use. At the same time, this versatility helps the client to undertake different kind of projects with a wide range of staircases types for industrial as well as residential buildings.