Moldtech has installed a special vertical adjustable mould for the production of precast staircases in Portugal.

  • Adjustable mould for staircases with up to 19 steps and 2 landings, and with a maximum width of 2m. The vertical casting allows having the two sides of the stairs with a perfect finish. The mould is equipped with hydraulic opening/closing system. Steps size can be manually adjusted by spindles and changeable phenolic boards. The phenolic board bottoms can be changed according to stairs design and placed at different height positions regulated by telescopic supports, thus allowing stairs width adjustment.

This equipment will allow the client to undertake a wide range of projects with staircases of different dimensions, both for industrial projects as well as residential buildings.

In spite of its large size, the mould is highly versatile, allowing producing many different sizes of staircases, with a quick and easy adjustment.