Installation and the commissioning of a 62 meters length universal casting bed with an 800 tones capacity prestressing system to produce beams.

  • Universal casting bed has a fixed baseplate which allows the production of beams with a base of up to 80 cm width. The prestressing heads system is supplied with relaxing cylinders and the suitable tensioning equipment for 12- and 15 mm diameter strands. This system will allow our client to start developing the market for industrial and logistics buildings at Adjud region (Romania).
  • A set of laterals to produce delta beams up to 30 meters length, letting the client the chance of casting different dimensions of beams. These precast concrete elements will be used for the construction of industrial buildings.
  • A set of lateral moulds for L-T and rectangular beams, with variable section, up to 1 meter height and 30 meters length. These laterals will be assembled on the universal casting bed with the prestressing system, and they will be used for the production of the different types of floor slabs.

Client is already prepared to cast all the different elements involved in an industrial building and is ready to build large warehouses with precasted elements.