Moldtech, on this occasion, moves to Doade, located in the municipality of Sober, province of Lugo, Galicia. Here it carries out a complete factory installation for panels and pre-stressed elements for industrial and commercial buildings.

Equipment supplied:

  • Six casting beds of 120 m (394 ft) for the production of pre-stressed elements (up to 800 TN / 1763.7 KIPS)
  • Four tilting tables of 50×2.5 m (164×8.2 ft)
  • Two fixed tables of 16×3 m (52.5×9.8 ft)
  • Simple and double column moulds of 45 m (150 ft) and 25 m (82 ft),intended for columns.
  • Self-supporting mould for H beam of 25 m (82 ft).
  • Factory layout design.
  • Optimization of production process.


The optimisation of the production process of the company in question was a success.