16 July 2018

One of the most singular products that we produce at Moldtech are the special 3D moulds: construction modules with 4 walls and floor or ceiling, with or without inner divider and with integration of all types of installations.

The equipment allows casting monolithic elements comprising of the walls and the floor slab obtaining elements with great structural resistance, as well as a substantial reduction of on-site installation. Also, the exterior mould walls are hydraulically activated, and the moulds are equipped with a retraction system with minimum conical shape in order to allow demolding of the concrete piece

Normally, as in the recent project we carried out in Singapore, they are usually supplied accompanied by turners 180º for 3D elements, transformer stations and other 3D elements that are casted upside-down.

In Moldtech we have this type of elements with specific applications to build modular penitentiaries, which include working gangways and allow to manufacture cells with a great interior and exterior finish, with elements such as doors, windows and other steel elements embedded in the piece.

Another of its most common uses, for which we also have a specific product among our catalogue, are the moulds for electrical transformer station, that is usually  complemented with a fixed table for manufacturing the top roof slab of the transformer station.
In addition to these applications, Moldtech 3D moulds can be suitable for other types of residential and civil works projects, such as for the manufacture of stadium bleacher elements or for the production of precast bathroom pods.

From Moldtech, as part of our commitment to competitiveness and innovation in construction, we promote the use of this type of elements among our customers, since it allows the production of high quality elements with an ultra-rapid system of extraction of the sides and with a customized configuration based on their needs.



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