31 March 2020

Last January Moldtech successfully completed the installation and commissioning of a new tilting table for precast concrete panels for the company Forjados-Santa Comba, in Spain.

The client, a renowned precast company established in 1976 in La Coruña, producing concrete products, precast structural components and cement products, has a wide range of solutions for the construction of prefabricated structures and is currently undertaking an expansion of its facilities.

The tilting table has 52 x 3 m dimensions and it is designed to maximize the use of the available casting surface. The table is designed and built to produce solid panels up to 24 cm thick. To ensure a good concrete compaction, the table is equipped with a vibration system with pneumatic vibrators.

The lower shuttering band features a hydraulic system to automatically adjust its height to cast panels with different thicknesses, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 24 cm, quickly and effortlessly. The upper side also features a hydraulic system to regulate the position of the shutters, thus easily adjusting the table width, to allow casting panels from 3m to 1,5m height.

The thickness adjustment of the upper shutters is by means of additional bolt on supplements that are easily installed. These hydraulically activated shutters run on wheels on top of the table, to avoid damaging the surface, which has been polished to achieve a perfect mirror-like finish.

A special characteristic of this upper hydraulic shuttering system is that it is built in 4 independently activated length modules to form the complete 50m table length. This allows individual adjustment of each module, to easily cast panels with different heights as well as to produce panels with sloped top side.

All hydraulic systems are commanded from a hydraulic unit, with a built-in electrical panel that allows controlling all movements from its control board as well as from a radio-frequency remote control.