19 January 2021

Moldtech currently has more than twenty MT20 equipment for the manufacture of dry-concrete box-culverts, installed on 4 continents. The MT20 is the result of years of study and analysis of the current market for precast dry concrete box-culverts.

Most of today’s box-culvert production facilities have large machines installed in expensive civil works and pits. In addition, for each box-culvert dimension to be produced, the precast company must have endless moulds to provide the market with the dimension demanded by civil and infrastructure construction projects.

That is why years ago, Moldtech decided to design a system that simplifies the frame production process, not only technically, but also to eliminate expensive civil works and pits. The result of this analysis and technological development is the MT20, a machine composed of a modular mould to produce box-culverts of various sizes ranging from 1.5 x 1.5 to 3 x 4 meters. The equipment is complemented with a set of 10 bases, also modular; and an innovative hydraulic pressing and electric vibration system, which acting together allows the final product to have an unmatched quality of finish.

To achieve a high precision system that combines a wide variety of frame sizes to be produced, the entire mould is designed with CAD-CAM tools, its modular panels made of high-strength steel, and the bases are produced in CNC machining, thus achieving compliance with the strictest international regulations.

In addition to modularity, dimensional adaptability and not requiring civil works or construction of pits, the MT20 allows to produce outdoors or on site on a foundation slab on natural terrain, and once the work is finished moving the equipment to its new location and destination. This particularity makes the MT20 a very competitive machine, which manages to reduce the logistics cost of precast concrete box-culverts to zero.



23 May 2023