24 May 2021

From the very start of the manufacture of equipment and molds, our company has been aware that one of the most important services in the value chain of a product is the installation and commissioning. This is why, over the years, we have always emphasized with our customers that it is our own people who carry out the final assembly of the mould at destination instead of using third parties to perform this task.

Our installers are the most qualified people to install our molds assuring a high-quality service and optimum safety conditions.

Today this team consists of 14 specialist technicians, which allows us to carry out more than 6 commissioning jobs simultaneously anywhere in the world.

The installers receive language training in English and French so to achieve fluid communication with the client; in the same way our staff is instructed in the different areas of an assembly acquiring knowledge about the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic aspects of the machinery to be delivered.

The installation team is also in charge of providing the first training in the use of the machines, furthermore they can collaborate in areas like advising on concrete formulas as well as on the selection of the aggregates to be acquired from local suppliers. This with the goal of obtaining the best end result for our clients.

At Moldtech we take care of all the steps in the value chain to guarantee a unique, durable product of the highest quality and performance.