16 June 2021

At Moldtech we give absolute priority to designing our products with the most suitable ergonomics aspects for all those workers who will have to carry out their daily functions with the machine, as well as to install on it all necessary devices which guarantee their safety while working with our machine.

Our safety & health department is in charge of incorporating all required elements, such as protections, railings and the appropriate signals to the design process.

Concerning the electrical, mechanical and all hydraulic elements installed in our machines, Moldtech products are equipped following the specific regulations in the country where the machine will be used, and in compliance with the strictest standards worldwide.

Another very important aspect to consider is the installation of anchoring elements on the machine for its unloading and placing it on the final working position at client’s facilities. Furthermore, Moldtech also requires to customer the correct foundations for the equipment to be installed, as well as a working planning to carry out all jobs in an efficient way.

The current massive competitiveness in the market, the intense and aggressive sales and marketing proposals, and local manufacturers copying some equipment, forces us to be more creative every single day by developing new and innovative solutions for our products. But we never forget that the security must be the most important aspect, and at Moldtech it is our main concern.

IDENTIFICATION AND SAFETY SOLUTIONS:At Moldtech we provide our own designers, specific printers and special identification and safety professional software and database, which allows us to design and customize our own exclusive labels, signals and tags. These mentioned labels and signals are later installed in our pre-stressing equipment, our tilting tables and in many other moulds and products. Likewise, our complete manuals which are also supplied with the machine, provide to the customer a detailed analysis of all the components used in the machine, the potential necessary spare parts for the correct maintenance of the machine, and the appropriate certificates.

SAFETY PRINCIPLES: Moldtech has developed its own management system around the principles and practices set out in the UNE-EN ISO 12100 norm. These standards provide the structure and the guide to take the correct decisions concerning design, production, commissioning, and the marketing of the products, for manufacturing machines with the necessary safety conditions for its intended use during all their life cycle.

The application of these principles requires of an important investment in a multidisciplinary human team with a great knowledge of the use of these machines, the concrete production processes, accidents and health-related stories, all techniques and technologies available in each moment, as well as the legal framework in which each machine will be used.

PAINTING QUALITY CERTICATE: At Moldtech we have a blasting chamber and, we could also provide different painting application systems which allow us to certify the protection against corrosion. It also gives us the chance of guaranteeing a specified durability of the painting in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 12944-5: 2020 norm.

SAFETY PROTECTION: In Moldtech we are always looking for our customers satisfaction, and we try to anticipate to the upcoming technological changes by allocating all the necessary resources to get new designs of our own equipment with the same uses and benefits than the previous one, but increasing the safety systems on it and decreasing the potential security risks of the machine.

We have the aim of preventing any kind of damage working with our products, therefore Moldtech incorporates different security systems which guarantee the maximum safety at the workplace.

RISKS MAP – SAFETY SIGNALS LAYOUT: The Quality Control Department of Moldtech, which is the responsible of the safety engineering aspects in our products, processes the risks maps or the safety signals layout. These maps or layouts facilitate the fast identification of residual risks in our machinery.

In order to make easier the maintenance of these safety signals, Moldtech includes the mentioned layout in the instructions and maintenance books supplied with the machine.



29 November 2022