18 February 2019

Moldtech has presence once again in Canada with its molds for prefabricated concrete. In 2017, Moldtech had its first contact with the Canadian market. He signed the first agreement with Armtec supplying a double T mold with satisfactory results.

On this occasion Moldtech will work with a leading company in prefabricated concrete located near Vancouver.

Moldtech has the advantage of being flexible and establishes a direct communication channels with its customers. He looks for solutions adapted to specific needs. Thanks to the Moldtech policy, it provides customized solutions with a wide range of products and latest technology.

The technical team of Moldtech has made a custom design of two tilting tables of 34×9 meters composed of 3 modules.

Within the specific characteristics of this table is the resistance of 650kg / m².

To improve the supply and distribution of the concrete, Moltech has proposed a pneumatic vibration system composed of independent action vibrators and a collector to connect to the customer’s compressor. At the same time, these two tilting tables have been supplied with a heating system to accelerate the curing process. The tables will be used by the client for the manufacture of residential and industrial panels.

The inclination of the table can be done by means of the corresponding telescopic hydraulic cylinders and is controlled from a hydraulic unit to perform the tilting movement. The chassis has structural tubes and other rolled steel profiles that guarantee maximum rigidity. The table is accompanied by silent blocks composed of neoprene that absorbs vibration minimizing its transfer to the ground.

The table will be delivered with a finish like a mirror thanks to a special polish that will be made by the installers at the destination.

Moldtech has already started the manufacture of these tilting tables to installing them in destination during the next month of April.



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