1 March 2022

Moldtech, as one of the global leaders in the fabrication of 3D moulds, with experience in several projects both in Asia, Middle East, Europe and as well as in North and South America, has been selected by the most innovative and progressive Civil Engineering Organization in Sri Lanka as the exclusive supplier for these moulds, creating a great and constant collaboration between both companies. Our client is already leading an innovation trend in the local building sector by using our three-dimensional prefabrication system technology, which will be used in the production of residential buildings in the country.

For several years, Moldtech has introduced to the market a new generation of 3D hydraulic moulds which are used for the construction of residential buildings, bathroom modules or even prison cells.

In this mentioned project, the 3D mould allows our client to precast the 4 walls and the upper slab of the different modules, which once lifted from the mould are moved to a finishing table where the lower slab is incorporated, allowing the module to be closed on its 6 faces. This working system avoids the “turning” of the three-dimensional modules. Later, the finishes, installations and accessories are incorporated, and the furniture is installed, in a fully industrialized production line at client’s facilities. Once finished, the module could be directly transported to the building site almost “ready to be used”, where they are structurally connected to each other.

This methodology offers a series of advantages such as improvement of quality standards and productivity, increased control over the project duration and better project control as less people are required to work at the building site.

Moldtech supplies a mould which is prepared to cast different configurations, with maximum dimensions of 6,55 m length x 3,24 m width x 3,11 meters height. The wall thickness could be also modified. The inner core of this mould includes a hydraulically retractable system thereby allowing to perform the de-moulding in a swift manner without the need for conical slope, easy to removal just by pulling from the top of the piece

The entire project could be executed using only 1 mould, since it has the flexibility to manufacture different configurations, as it has been designed with a modular adjustment, to adapt to different types of modules, not only for a single project, but for future projects. This working model allows the customer to reduce the investment and to be able to cope with different jobs with the same 3D mould.

Moldtech also delivered sets of the necessary doors and window shutters, and 2 lifting devices which lift the precast concrete elements. These lifting devices do have a maximum weight capacity up to 35 tons and have 6 lifting points.

Moldtech is proud to be able to participate in this innovative project in Sri Lanka, for the construction of residential houses using the latest advances in precast construction technology. With this project, Moldtech reaffirms itself as the undisputed world technological leader in prefabricated modular construction PPVC and takes a new step in the construction industrialization development.