6 November 2020

The French market is becoming more and more important for Moldtech as a supplier of equipment for quality precast elements. For this reason, it has just added to its client portfolio an important precast concrete company located in the Midi-Pyrénées region, specialized in the production of standardized and tailored-made precast elements, for residential and industrial projects, and with a presence throughout the French territory.

As in all projects on French territory, Moldtech must compete with local companies and companies from other European countries. This competence forces us to be very strict in the design and quality of our equipment, in addition to providing a comprehensive service of transport, installation and concrete testing together with the customer’s technicians.

This project includes the manufacture, installation and assembly of 3 tables with multiple production lines of 20×20 cm section beams, with static reinforcement, and with a minimum conicity that allows demoulding. The quality of the surface of the beams is very important for the customer, and that is why all the surfaces of the mould in contact with the concrete have been polished, which added to the installed pneumatic vibration system and the high quality of the concrete produced by the client allows to obtain a final product of a very high quality standard. These beams are sold on the French market to support T-beams slabs, intended for residential construction and single-family homes.

The installed equipment allows the customer to have a production capacity of up to 240 linear meters, which achieves high productivity, reducing production time and costs.

Not many years ago, Moldtech was an unknown company in France. The commercial promotion work, having a commercial agent with extensive knowledge of the precast market, participation in national exhibitions and events related to the precast and concrete industry, has allowed us to publicize our technology and experience. Today the most important prefabrication companies in the French market trust Moldtech, and that makes us proud.