12 August 2022

Moldtech will install a new complete factory for the development of precast concrete industrial production projects in Romania.

For the development of industrial and infrastructure projects, a Romanian company relies on Moldtech contracting the technical development and manufacture of the following equipment:

The installation is mainly based on the high production capacity, as well as obtaining the most possible versatility. Thus, a single-bottom casting bed with a pre-stressing capacity of up to 1500 tons has been installed. Along with several sets of mould sides have been supplied. One of them is a set of I-beam type sides with height adjustment of up to 2.1 m and a maximum manufacturing length of 40 meters allowing the client to manufacture a maximum of 3 units of girders for bridges per production cycle. And the second one – a set of mould sides for delta girders with the possibility of varying their lengths from 20 meters to 30 meters.

Both sets are equipped with pneumatic vibration and are designed to be fixed quickly and safely to the casting bed, providing quick processes of moulding and demoulding thereof.

Additionally, to precast the elements to be used for the construction of industrial buildings, a mould for columns with hydraulically height-adjustable bottom will be installed. Including the option of corbels production and with the possibility of manufacturing sections between 0.60 and 1.2 meters wide.

Thus, allowing the client to optimize the section change works while maintaining the high production capacity, reaching a production of up to 2 columns of 16 meters per production cycle.

The self-supporting stationary table for roof purlins serves to produce roof elements for industrial buildings. It consists of 2 lines of max 25 meters in length and self-stressing system with the resistance up to 400 tons.

Finally, the installation of a tilting table with a “mirror effect” polished surface. Let the client manufacture panels for industrial and even residential use up to 12 meters long, 3 meters wide and up to 30 centimetres of thickness. The equipment has been installed with an electric vibration system which allows each of the vibrators to be independently controlled and regulated during the concreting process from a mobile control panel.

For transporting and pouring concrete, Giraffe system with a capacity of 4m3, has been supplied. Allowing the client to pour concrete more quickly without the use of the gantry cranes, since the supply of concrete to this type of equipment can be directly from the concrete plant or, alternatively, just near the mould from the concrete mixer truck.




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