2 April 2018

After years of investment in new cad/cam design software tools and continuous training of its technical staff, Moldtech has been developing new advanced technological solutions to its range of products.
As a result, on May last year precast manufacturer B.G. Shirke and Moldtech have signed a contract for the design, supply and commissioning of an automatic carrousel plant for precast hollow columns for a residential social housing project near Navi Mumbai, India.

This pallet circulation system is comprised of different stations, among which the most important is a station with hydraulically activated/lowered shutters and retractable pins/pods that are inserted on the pallet while pouring and retracted to produce the columns with round hollows. Other innovative feature of this production line is its powerful vibration station that includes compressed air levelling dampers.

The complete plant has been fully designed and manufactured by Moldtech in its facilities in Spain and installed and commissioned in India by its own technicians. The plant features a high degree of automation as all processes are controlled and automatically commanded from 2 central consoles, all tasks such as loading the concrete from the plant by the crane distributor or its innovative concrete screeding system are automatically controlled.

The proven sturdiness of the equipment, the efficiency of the plant and the ease of use have been endorsed by our client who has immediately commissioned a second carrousel plant for a bigger capacity to be installed near New Delhi. This new pallet circulation system is now in the final stage of its manufacturing in Spain and will soon increase the production capacity of the client.

The total production capacity of this highly automated plant is up to 250 columns of varied sizes per day, and it will help B.G. Shirke maintain its leadership in the construction of social housing in India.

With this special project Moldtech takes an important leap forward to consolidate itself as a trusted partner for complete projects and fully automated production systems for precast concrete elements.