Mould for T girder

For the production of T girder, mainly used for de construction of monopitch roofs.

The mould for casting the T girder is a easy mould, composed of a base made of T-shaped sheet with steel profile strengthening. The upper part of the mould rest opened for the pouring of the concrete. This mould is lacked of movable parts with the exception of the stoppers, which can be positioned to vary the length of the girder.

The T girder is mainly used for de construction of monopitch roofs or as an extension of cambered T girder. When the T girder is used in gabled roofs, the cambered T girder is usually positioned in the center, in such way that it forms the gable of the roof, as well as the T girders are putted at the sides as an extension of the roof.

Unlike the delta beams, the T girders are suitable for façade porticos inasmuch as its constant T-shaped section is better for wind exposure.

This mould for T girder can be equipped with external vibration (pneumatic or electrical) and with finned pipe for leading steam or hot water.