Mould for L-shaped retaining walls

Indicated for the production of retaining walls for public works. 

Mould for manufacturing precast L-shaped retaining walls for earth-retaining in highway projects and other public works.

The functioning of this mould is similar to that of the tilting table. The mould is composed of a L-shaped casting surface and a straight mould side. The L-shaped wall segments are casted in a 90º turned position. Once the concrete is ready for demolding, the L-shaped surface and the mould side are tilted with the L-shaped wall segments. Afterwards, the L-shaped is returned to its original position and the precast concrete pieces are released on the mould side, ready for stockpiling in their final positioning.

All the tilting operations of the mould are performed by hydraulic system involving a set of cylinders and a hydraulic unit with electrical control panel.

The mould can feature an electric or pneumatic vibration system.