Mould for funerary construction elements

For the manufacturing of funerary construction elements for the burial of coffins and funerary ashes.

Moulds for precast concrete elements for funerary constructions. This denomination groups a set of moulds built specifically for the production of niches, pits and columbaria, which are widely used in many regions of the world as funerary construction elements for the burial of coffins and funerary ashes.

The niches are boxes of concrete with a front opening which is sealed after the introduction of a coffin. On the other hand, the pits have upper and lower opening to stack them and form an underground hollow column, where are buried several coffins in height. Finally, the columbaria are niches but on a smaller scale, since its purpose is to hold urns with funerary ashes.

In these three types of mould, there is a fixed component that casts the interior surfaces with the required conical slopes. In the case of niches and columbaria, this element may be designed for the casting of more than one burial hollow. Hinged to this fixed part are the sides of the mould, which cast the outer surfaces of the funerary construction element. Moldtech can design and build tailored the moulds for funerary construction elements, according the regulations that the mentioned precast elements must comply with.

Additionally, it is possible to implement a system of electrical or pneumatic vibration in the mould, in order to mobilize and expel the air contained in the concrete. This feature enables compacting the concrete and using a formulation of concrete less humid, what reduces the time required for harden and removal of the casted element for funerary construction.