25 июня 2018

ANDECE, the Spanish Precast Industry Association, is a non-profit organization that represents Spanish manufacturers and suppliers of the precast concrete industry.

Created in 1964, it has been developing its activity uninterruptedly to the service of its associated companies and other relevant agents of the sector.

ANDECE is integrated by the most dynamic companies from the Spanish precast industry, with a production that exceeds 70% of the turnover of the industrial sector. The associated companies are the protagonists of the development of the precast concrete in Spain and, therefore, of the Industrialized Construction, since they are undertaking important process of modernization of their facilities and constantly incorporating the last technology and upgrades in machinery.

The precast sector is a dynamic industry, constantly evolving and increasingly competitiveness. For MOLDTECH, it is vital to be in contact with all the players in the precast industry.

Being a partner of ANDECE offers us networking, technical support, information, training and many other opportunities.

MOLDTECH, as a Partner Company and Associate of ANDECE, is available for all the associates, to join our efforts and work together in the development of the precast concrete industry.