26 января 2021

The French precast market is one of the most advanced in Europe with a high level of innovation and technology.  Moldtech competes in this market offering high quality solutions combined with full service which includes transport, installation and commissioning.

The French precast industry comprises of large companies with high production capacity but also medium and small size businesses which offer a flexible production capacity adapted to all kinds of architectural designs.

One of these companies is PREFA BRESSUIRAIS located at Bressuire, in Deux-Sèvres is specialized in the production of reinforced precast elements for the industrial and agricultural sector as well as for public works a and is also holder of a waste reception certificate since 1997.

The production facilities include a batching plant and its own reinforcement preparation shop which offers the flexibility to attend a wide variety of projects. The company recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and over time has switched from a manual production process to more sophisticated processes incorporating the latest technological advancements.

The company elected Moldtech for the acquisition of new equipment in order to advance in its process of modernizing and increasing its production by buying a new tilting table, a fixed table and a beam mould with hydraulic opening and closing.

The Moldtech tilting table of 12.5 meters enables the company to produce precast concrete elements of up to a thickness of 30cm and with a load of 750kg/m2. The tilting table will allow the company to easily lift the panel, reduce the amount of steel reinforcement, improve their de-molding system and assure an excellent wall panel finish. The table was conceived to be used with self-levelling concrete for which it was prepared with a special plate finish.

French precasters normally use the fixed tables as a general casting surface where all kinds of different concrete elements are casted using magnetic shuttering. These elements can be architectural, structural or façade elements. It is for this reason that PREFA BRESSUIRAIS also bought from Moldtech a fixed table. This table, with a size of 13.5 x 5 meters and a load capacity of 750kg/m2, features lateral shuttering of 30cm height and offers great versatility for the production of flat and linear concrete elements.

Lastly, the supply consisted of the classic double beam mould, widely used in France but in this case with hydraulic opening and closing. The double beam mould has a length of 8 meters and will cover future production needs. Each line can produce a maximum section of 1.5 x 1.5 meters; however the longitudinal mid panel can be removed allowing casting widths of 3.1 meters x 1.5 meters.  All surfaces directly in contact with the concrete have a special polish so self-leveling concrete can be used. The mould has also gangways in accordance to the safety regulations.

The maturity of the French precast market demands un constant innovation effort in order to assure the competitiveness of the companies. Moldtech works in close cooperation with its clients to reach this goal.