7 мая 2018

Moldtech has recently finished the supply, installation and commissioning of a complete precast concrete factory to produce girders, slabs and box culverts for an important road project awarded to a consortium formed by some of the most important construction companies in Colombia.

On July 2017, a team of Moldtech technicians submitted in Medellin the proposal for the precast plant. The tender and bid management for the plant has been controlled by a specialized consultancy firm, PEMS (Precast Engineering Management & Solutions).

Moldtech has been the selected supplier for the production, installation and commissioning of the different production lines, which consists of a modern precast production facility to produce prestressed girders up to 45m span and 2,2m height, slabs, retaining walls and box culverts with dimensions up to 3,5×3,5m.

PEMS is a specialized consultancy firm located in Valencia, formed by a team of engineers with vast expertise in precast concrete construction. With projects in several countries, PEMS provides services for the execution of turn-key precast projects worldwide. Its range of services include the initial study of the optimal facilities dimensioning, layout and plant concept, selection of the most appropriate suppliers as well as structural calculation and detailing of precast elements for residential, industrial and civil works projects.

Once the contract was signed, Moldtech engineers started the design of the planned plant, with 2 factory sheds forming a total covered area of 3.125 m2.

One of the sheds is equipped with 2 casting beds for prestressed girders with 130m length and capacity up to 1.000Tn, employing the latest technologies to ensure safety and protection. The moulds allow producing up to 45m length girders and are built with modular height to achieve from 1,8m up to 2,2m.

This shed also includes a set of fixed tables for the production of half-slabs for the construction of bride decks and buttress walls, up to 70m and 50m length tables.

The adjacent factory shed is reserved for the production of box culverts with our efficient MT20 system for drycast culverts, with possible production dimensions from 1x1m up to 3x3m.

The concrete transport system, also supplied by Moldtech, consists of 2 versatile transport and distribution vehicles with 3m3 deposit and screw conveyor to pour the concrete fast and efficiently all around the factory.

The plant is already commissioned and currently in full operation, producing the girders and half-slabs for the first bridge structures.

The joint project developed by PEMS and Moldtech is now the most advanced precast production facility for Civil Works projects operating in Colombia.

Moldtech continues providing cutting edge solutions for precast concrete elements worldwide and cooperating with the most advanced engineering consultancy firms.