Moldtech has installed and commissioned a self-reacting system with hydraulic mould sides for the manufacture of prestressed bridge girders in Bucharest, Romania.

The self-reacting hydraulic system includes:

  • Universal casting bed, 90 meters long, 1 meter wide with self-reacting prestressing system with a capacity of 1400 tons. Includes active and passive stressing heads with relaxation cylinders on the active stressing head. The opening/closing movement of the mould sides is hydraulic.
  • Side moulds for the bridge girders casting of 90 meter long. Maximum length of one bridge girder – 40 meters. Height adjustment from 1.4 m to 2 m. Pneumatic vibration system. Heating system with a boiler with a thermal power of 800 KW, service pressure 4 Bar.
  • Tensioning and detensioning equipment features tensioning jack units, jack support, tensioning and detensioning hydraulic power units.
  • “Giraffe” concrete transport and distribution equipment with a 3 m3 capacity.

The self-reacting prestressing system gives the client the possibility to assemble and disassemble the factory and relocate it in any remote area, drastically reducing the transportation costs of precast products.


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