10 June 2021
Civil work

An important private company whose facilities are located in Galati (Romania), is specialized in the execution of residential and non-residential construction works and related facilities, hydrotechnical works, road and bridge construction, sewerage works and water supply .

On this occasion, Moldtech was selected by this company for the design, manufacture and commissioning of two molds for precast concrete whose purpose will be to channel water.

  • In the first place, a “Battery mold to manufacture concrete segmental box culverts” has been supplied with the capacity to produce up to 8 casted elements per day (9.6 linear meters).
  • Secondly, a “Double mold for the manufacture of precast concrete wings” has been supplied. These pieces are placed at the beginning and at the end of the culvert and segmental culverts  galleries, concluding with them the complete work of the water canalization. With this mold the customer can produce up to 4 pieces of concrete per day.