Vibration systems

Vibration systems to improve concrete compaction while pouring.

Most of Moldtech’s moulds and equipment for precast concrete can feature an external vibration system to improve concrete compaction while pouring, so that reducing production time and getting a better product finishing.

Depending on the precaster’s requirements and on the type of elements to be manufactured, the vibration can be done with pneumatic or electric vibrators. In case the chosen system is electric, it will be necessary a control panel with frequency converter. In case the choice is pneumatic, it will be necessary to have a compressed air installation.

Moldtech has wide experience designing vibration systems and the positioning scheme of vibrators for every type of mould, which is essential to make the mould work effectively and the product finishing is optimum.

Moldtech also supply other vibration accessories such as vibrating screed rails for precast concrete panels or road slabs.