Mould sides for Artesa or box girder

Designed to the construction of large bridges and viaduct.

The mould sides and the upper mould for box girder or Artesa are casting elements designed to manufacture this kind of girder on a casting bed, in such way that their shape defines the section of the casted girder.

The box girder or Artesa is a structural element specially designed to the construction of large bridges and viaducts.

Normally, for this type of projects the pre-stressed box girder is prefabricated with a U-shaped section, with the upper part opened. For this purpose, mould sides and upper mould are assembled on a casting bed, being precisely that upper mould which allows the performing of the inner cavity.

Once the concrete hardens enough, the box girder or Artesa is carried to its destination and the inner cavity is covered with pre-slabs. After that, a cast in situ is performed in order to integrate the box girder and the pre-slab into a single structural element, but preserving the inner cavity along its entire length.