Mould for half frame

Designed for the production of articulated half-frames in several measures.

The modular mould for articulated half-frames is a machine specially conceived for the production of articulated half-frames in several measures. This allows undertaking the production of half-frames with more than 8m wide and 3m high, which can be installed on-site on another equal element in reversed position as on a prefabricated or concrete-on-site slab.

Its modular construction allows increasing the width of the precast half-frame (distance between pillars) by adding modulations. The height can be changed by lifting or lowering the half-frame-pillar baseplates. Similarly, the depth of the half-frame may be fully adjustable using stoppers with modulation that matches with the one of the mould.

The mould sides have a working platform to access to the upper part for filling.

The opening and closing operations of the mould sides are performed by a hydraulic system with cylinders, while the inner mould has conical slope. Once the concrete hardens and opened the mould sides, the half-frame is easily removed from the mould and the production process is repeated to cast another piece.

The aforementioned hydraulic system is actioned by a hydraulic unit with electrical control panel.