Mould for elevator shaft

For the production of a complete elevator shaft can be built in a minimum time.

Modular mould for manufacturing drycast concrete pieces to build elevator shafts. This precast pieces are assembled on site in the vertical direction to form an elevator shaft, resting aligned thanks to the spigot join.

This system of mould for elevator shaft, consist of an inner mould and an outer mould which are fixed to baseplates in such way that the mould remains open for filling in the upper part. The mould has a modular construction, so it allows variations in dimensions in accordance to the different standards of elevator manufacturers.

By using notch-boxes fixed magnetically to the mould, the precast piece can be casted with different sockets and hollows to assemble the pieces among them or with the building structure, while the door openings are casted by the adequate shuttering.

The mould for elevator shaft features an external electric vibration system for a better concrete compaction. Using this vibration system and drycast concrete, the required time for demolding the inner and the outer mould is quite short and the process can be continued on other baseplate, which allows manufacturing a considerable number of pieces per day.

Through the joining of the different precasted pieces, a complete elevator shaft can be built in a minimum time.