Manual moulds

For the production of precast concrete columns with corbels on 4 sides.

Manual mould for columns produces precast concrete columns in a base-plate. The opening is normally done by overhead crane by means of one or both collapsible sides.

This mould enables the production of precast concrete columns with corbels on 4 sides, being possible to adjust the length of the pillar and the number and the position of the corbels. This feature gives to the mold the capability of undertaking the production of a large variety of small precast columns with a moderate investment.

The columns production can be accelerated in this mold by means of the application of vibration, which eliminates voids and improves the surface finish and the mechanical properties of the precast piece.

Another system to increase the productivity is the use of heating by steam or hot water, which increases the temperature of the concrete and accelerates hydration reaction of the cement limestone. To this effect, the mould can incorporate finned tubes and insulation tarpaulin.