26 April 2018

At Moldtech we are specialist in the development of innovative equipment solutions for precast concrete industry.  We design, manufacture and install all kind of products, offering our clients, from tailored made equipment to complete turnkey plants.

Part of these products are the fixed tables for the production of filigree slabs, widely used in simple and multifamily housing construction, institutional and commercial buildings (schools, hospitals, offices), and with complementary use in infrastructure works (for example to cover spaces between beams in bridges, tunnels, other uses).

The use of filigree slab offers great advantages in the construction of mezzanines, slabs or roofs means. It allows to work with many design variants (arches, elements in wedge or of various formats, hollows, integration of beams and brackets, etc.), and it has an extremely simple system. Produced in precast plants, it is the lower part of the slab, and it allows a cheaper forge of the slabs than the one built in traditional way.

The installation of the filigree slab is very fast, because no formwork is needed thanks to the fact that the predalle acts as a lost formwork. Also, these elements are light, so no heavy lifting systems are required, and they allow, also, to cover large surfaces at one time.

Reinforcements and metal meshes are reduced to a minimum quantity, and the result is a monolithic, solid slab, more resistant than built and cast on site to equivalent steel sections, and with a high resistance to fire and excellent behaviour against the noise.

Moldtech manufactures and supplies fixed tables with or without prestressing capacity to enable prefabricators to deal with all types of projects based on slabs. In addition, as with the other products we offer, our technical team is responsible for the necessary electrical pre-installation, as well as for the installation of additional elements such as vibration and heating systems for a better finish and an acceleration of the hardening of the concrete.

Also, we handle the transport and full installation of the machinery, and we offer our clients the certification of the production processes, together with our support and technical monitoring, which provide the maximum guarantees.