Pallet circulation system for panels and slabs


Pallet circulation system for panels and slabs

Complete pallet circulation system installed in Argentina

  • Pallet circulation system for panels and slabs
  • Pallet circulation system for panels and slabs
  • Pallet circulation system for panels and slabs

Moldtech has recently supplied and installed a full carrousel plant for wall panels and special double tee elements for a client in Argentina.

The circulation system layout has been designed according to client’s requirements for the production of different types of elements on the same carrousel line.

The client, Tensar S.R.L., is an important manufacturer of all types of precast components and was interested in investing in a new modern plant to increase the efficiency in the production wall panels and special double tee roof elements which are in big demand in the area.

Working closely with the client to provide a tailored solution with the most automated equipment, the plant was designed to allow the circulation of typical pallets as well as some special moulds on the same circulation line.

In order to fit this requirement, the pallets and moulds circulate on rollers and friction wheels in horizontal position. 

The system includes an automated concrete distributor, vibration station with electric vibrators and a frequency converter, special cleaning machine with brushes adapted to both types of elements vacuum extractor and oiling system, as well as tilting station and a special pallet lifter/stacker that can also be used for demoulding and storage of flat elements.

After a short training of local workers, the facilities are already functioning at full capacity, allowing meeting the increasing demand with great efficiency and versatility.


Moldtech continues providing efficient and long lasting technological equipment solutions for precast manufacturers, installed and tested by Moldtech technicians worldwide.







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