New full precast plant in Mexico

New full precast plant in Mexico

Equipment for an important Mexican industrial group

New full precast plant in Mexico

Moldtech has recently delivered a tilting table for precast concrete panels of 48 x 3,50 m size, indicated both for industrial and residential buildings.

Our client is an important Mexican industrial group who will start producing precast elements for civil works and industrial-commercial buildings.

This tilting table 48 x 3,50 m has been supplied with a pneumatic vibration system and 2 shuttering sides with height adjustment. Together with the table, we have supplied a set of magnetic shutters for 20 cm thickness panels.

The steel plate in contact with the concrete has been polished to ensure a perfect concrete finish, a treatment that is always provided for our tilting tables.

This first shipment of equipment also includes 6 moulds for precast concrete columns for special sections, for the production of columns used in "boundary walls" for residential or industrial plots of land.

This is only the first step of the new precast plant in Mexico, we are producing more equipment, which will allow the customer to produce all types of elements for precast building.

Once again, our clients continue trusting in Moldtech, in our high quality and tailor-made equipment.







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