Moulds for precast concrete in Africa

Moulds for precast concrete in Africa

Moldtech supplies equipment for a new precast plant for bridges in Guinea Conakry.

Moulds for precast concrete in Africa

Moldtech was selected by an important construction company specialized in infrastructures, for the design, manufacture and commissioning of the equipment for precast elements for road and highways bridges.

The project includes a universal bed of 100 meters length, and the complementary moulds for the bed, allowing to produce "I beams" for bridges.

The customer has relied on Moldtech also for the purchase of moulds for circular section pillars for bridges.

The experience of Moldtech in the region and in precast engineering have been the key to this project, in which our team of engineers has worked hand in hand with the client to develop the production system and adapt it to the specific needs of the client.

In a region where the heavy precast is in permanent evolution, Moldtech’ s experience, technology transfer and support, have allowed the client to find the "know-how" to become a leading pioneer and to revolutionize the construction of the infrastructures, so necessary in this region of Africa.





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