Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast

Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast

Equipment for the production of precast concrete element to be used in public works in Africa.

  • Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast
  • Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast
  • Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast
  • Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast
  • Moulds and fixed tables in Ivory Coast

Moldtech has recently completed the installation of new equipment for the production of precast concrete elements for an African company specialized in construction and major infrastructures for public works.

The firm was founded in the Gulf of Guinea and, as part of its corporate growth, it has developed several programs in neighbouring countries such as Ivory Coast, where the present project has been developed.

More specifically, Moldtech has designed, manufactured and installed a variety of moulds and fixed tables for the manufacturing of drain-channel segments and channel covers, as part of the machinery that the African company will employ in a public water pipeline project.


Moulds for the manufacturing of channel segments

Moldtech has produced 15 moulds of 10 m. in length for the manufacturing of drainage channel segments. All of them have a pneumatic vibration system which improves the concrete compacting process and attains a better final finish, while increasing productivity at the same time.

In addition, both the folding sides and the separators have a sealing gasket, which ensures the water tightness of the mould.


Fixed tables for manufacturing of channel covers

Besides these moulds, Moldtech has installed 15 tables and 12 vertical stoppers for the production of made-to-measure slabs to be used as closing cover of the channel.

This equipment incorporates a vibration pneumatic system and two sides with conical slope, which allows to use the mould in a very efficient manner.


Moldtech provides technical consulting services to the African companies it works with to ensure collaboration and to define the most appropriate construction system to respond quickly to the new infrastructure challenges in the region.

This comprehensive service includes thorough analysis of the project, as well as design of the industrialization system to be developed, machinery production, installation, start-up and technical training for the clients workforce.




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