Mould for TT slabs in Canada

Mould for TT slabs in Canada

Moldtech has recently supplied new equipment for the production of concrete precast elements in Canada, specifically a self-supporting mould for the production of TT slabs.

  • Mould for TT slabs in Canada
  • Mould for TT slabs in Canada
  • Mould for TT slabs in Canada
  • Mould for TT slabs in Canada
  • Mould for TT slabs in Canada
  • Mould for TT slabs in Canada

The mould, which is 134m (440ft) in length, is designed for the casting of TT slabs with a width of 3.66m (12ft). The length of these slabs is defined by transversal stoppers which can be positioned at any place alongside the length of the mould.

The equipment integrates the stressing heads for all stressing and de-tensioning operations, which allows pre-stressing of the strands up to 650 MT (1433 kips) above the usual capacity of 400 MT (881 kips).

The production process of the slabs begins with the tensioning of the strands and the required reinforcement.

The passive stressing head is located at one end of the mould to retain the strands, and at the other end is the active stressing head, which incorporates four slackening jacks that allow the controlled release of the tension before the strands are cut.

The design of the moulds simplifies both the installation and the dismantling of the system, making it easier to transfer the production elsewhere, should that be required.

TT slab moulds are frequently used in car park construction, but also in roofs for industrial buildings and, in some cases, in the construction of bridges.

For the installation of the equipment, Moldtech sent a complete team of professionals which worked in close cooperation with the client performing test production and transferring production know-how in order to the highest possible performance of the new equipment.




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