Fully equip of production plant in Libya
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  • Moldtech to fully equip SAMA’s precast concrete production plant in Libya

Fully equip of production plant in Libya

Fully equip of industrial park.

Fully equip of production plant in Libya

A year ago Moldtech was appointed to act as a consultant to the Libyan manufacturer and subsequently to fully equip the industrial park for their precast concrete manufacturing. This equipment consists mostly of tilting tables, TT slabs, columns, H-beams, and prestressed concrete gutters.

Today Moldtech technology allows our client to build their own plant, whose construction makes steady progress and will be completed in spring 2017, and simultaneously, to supply a wide range of precast concrete products for the construction of industrial facilities.
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In fact, SAMA is working on the facilities of an agro-food industry company in the region that will cover an area of 30,000m2 (ca 323,000 sq ft).

Despite its difficult situation, the country continues to move forward thanks to the Libyan society and their entrepreneurial potential.





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