Special fixed table for predalle

Special fixed table for predalle

Moldtech installs a special fixed table for predalle in France

  • Special fixed table for predalle
  • Special fixed table for predalle

Moldtech has recently installed a new fixed table of 75x2,40 meters size for the production of non prestressing predalls, to use in residential buildings.

The client, SOCIETE DES GRANULATS ET BETONS CORSES - SGBC, is an important industrial group dedicated to the exploitation of quarries of aggregates, sands and to the production of concrete and precast concrete elements, located in Ajaccio, on the Island of Corsica, France.

This fixed table of 75x2.40 meters has been supplied with a system of hydraulically adjustable sides, which allows to quickly adjust the height of the pre slab or the panels to be produced. The pre-slab thicknesses or panels range from 50 mm to 200 mm.

As in all fixed tables supplied by Moldtech, a polishing completion has been made of the sheet that is in contact with the self-leveling concrete, which ensures a perfect finish of the exposed face of the slab.

Precast companies in France are showing great interest in our equipment, and SGBC is a clear example of this.






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